CLIENT NEWS: Clent Eastwood Wins the “TC’s Next To Blow” Award at the 2nd Annual Twin Cities Urban Music Awards

LV IV XI Entertainment recording artist Clent Eastwood was awarded “TC’s Next To Blow” in this year’s Twin Cities Urban Music Awards which took place last Friday, March 15th at Epic Event Center in Downtown Minneapolis. Eastwood also had the honor of blessing the stage with fellow artist Maniac Magee performing his hit single “Flush […]

CLIENT NEWS: Clent Eastwood Featured on the Cover of KCDR RADIO’s First Release Set to Relaunch April 2013

KCDR Radio just released the first official cover for the relaunch of their online/CD radio station featuring Fifty Five Four Eleven Entertainment recording artist Clent Eastwood. This release will include music from indy and national artists, as well as a full out interview with Eastwood himself. The official launch of this issue will be in […]

CLIENT NEWS: Clent Eastwood, Yo Hahn Handz Productions, & LV IV XI Entertainment Advance to the Final Round In The Twin Cities Urban Music Awards (TCUMA); Voting Polls Officially Back Open

At 7:00pm January 18th, the TCUMA polls had closed and the results for the first round were in. Clent Eastwood, Yo Hahn Handz Productions, & LV IV XI Entertainment topped the polls in every category advancing them to the final round. This past Friday, the polls were reopened giving supporters the opportunity to cast their […]