Specializing in key marketing strategies such as public relations, social media management, and advertising, MaXXposure Marketing Group gives small businesses and entertainment professionals the advantage of making their business, everyone’s business.

Owner and Public Relations Specialist Bianca Holmes says, “Small businesses are suffering, talented artists are unrecognized, and athletes are making poor image decisions. Our goal is to expose the world to what our clients have to offer, assist them in maintaining a professional image, and creating opportunity for growth at the same time.”

Founded in 2007, the MaXXposure Group has earned a great amount of credibility in just its few years of operation. “We are known for our ‘in your face’ promotions, quality work, and extremely hardworking team.” says Ms. Holmes. “People have expressed that if it has the MaXX stamp on it, it must be official.”

With a past and present clientele of local entertainment entities and several media placements under its belt, MaXXposure is looking forward to taking its business ventures to new heights; opening its doors to celebrities, professional athletes, and large corporations.

The MaXXposure Group also takes pride in giving back to the community by partnering with local charity events and donating to community fundraisers. Through MaXX Cares, the community outreach division added in 2009, the MaXX team collaborates with various local businesses in efforts to supply less fortunate families with items such as school supplies and non-perishable foods. “My grandmother, Bernadette Anderson was very involved in her community; so continuing her legacy of giving back is a major high priority not only for myself, but my team as well.” – Bianca Holmes

For more information about MaXXposure Marketing Group, how to get involved with MaXX Cares, or to set up an interview, email info@themaxxposuregroup.com.

About MaXX Cares:
MaXX Cares Community Outreach is a division of MaXXposure Marketing Group that focuses on being an active presence in the community through volunteering, mentoring, and charity fund-raising.

Official website: www.themaxxposuregroup.com

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