INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITY: Key “GRIP” Odom, Owner/Publisher of GRIP Magazine (Atlanta, GA)

image (3)Key “GRIP” Odom, Owner/Publisher of GRIP Magazine, is gearing up for a re-launch since its brief hiatus.

Dormant for more than three years, the voice of the urban community, GRIP magazine rises from the ashes like the phoenix in a spectacular resurrection that will be unforgettable.

One of the biggest print publications in the city of Atlanta, GRIP magazine has enlightened and entertained its readers with some of the most intriguing articles on your favorite celebrities like Young Jeezy, T.I. and R. Kelly. But after a three-year incarceration of the magazine’s publisher and CEO, Key “GRIP” Odom, the magazine closed its doors, leaving a definite void in urban culture.

Now back home, Anthony has been working diligently to revive GRIP and surpass the already high standards set by the publication years ago.

“GRIP doesn’t belong only to me. GRIP belongs to everybody,” says Key. “Our readers watched us grow from operating from my basement to becoming a major factor in the world of urban media. They love us and we love them for sticking by our side through the good and tough times.”

GRIP magazine kept its readers entertained with engaging articles with some of the hottest cover stories of celebrities like hip hop stars T.I. and Trick Daddy, multi-talented R&B singer/actor Tyrese and the legendary R. Kelly. 

“GRIP isn’t going anywhere. Too many people depend on us,” says Odom. “We’ve come too far to turn back now. The city of Atlanta has been waiting on it. The music industry as a whole has been waiting and I’ve been waiting as well. We are about to make history… again.” (Press Release Courtesy of GRIP Magazine)

Read more about Key “GRIP” Odom and GRIP Magazine at

Contact to setup an interview with Mr. Odom regarding plans for a Kickstarter campaign and the rise, fall, and now resurrection of the GRIP empire.

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