PRESS RELEASE: – 100 Bands From Around the World Unite to Build Music Center for Youth


MANKATO, MN – Monday, November 4, 2013, 10 bands from 10 major cities were revealed on, a website uniquely devoted to promoting indie bands, to exhibit their talent in an effort to raise money from fans to help build a music center for youth.

Each band from every city will have their own profile where fans can peruse photos and videos, stream music, and link to their official website. Browsers of the site will have the ability to support one or more of the bands by purchasing 100 Band merchandise. A percentage of each sale will be donated towards the building of the youth center.

Spearheaded by veteran record producer and film maker, Wes Schuck, the project came as a vision to help artists across the country accomplish what he calls The Curse of the Blessed – “That inner struggle to pursue your passion no matter what the world may tell you.’ and to harness the energy in what they are already doing themselves to accomplish something greater for others.

Future goals of the project will be to create a youth center model that can be replicated, support various youth centers throughout each year, and connect with other non-profit entities in hopes to bring awareness to many other worthy causes.

For more information regarding the 100 Band Project or how your non-profit organization can be involved, email Wes Schuck at

Follow the 100 Band Project:,

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