CLIENT NEWS: Clent Eastwood Wins “Next To Blow Radio” Competition for Best Performance

Minneapolis, MN – On June 28th, 2012, Clent Eastwood of Fifty Five Four Eleven Entertainment took the title of ‘Best Performance’ out of 9 other competitors in the “Next To Blow Radio” Best Performance Competition at The Red Sea in Minneapolis. After performing his latest hit singles “Chris Tucker” and “Flush it” with the assistance of his crew “The Association,” Eastwood was crowned winner by crowd vote and seconded byNext To Blow Radio judges.

As the winner of the competition, Eastwood is set to receive a live radio interview, MixTape Slot on Next To Blow Radio Vol 1, a feature on the Next To Blow Radio Website, and a weeks worth of radio and online promotion.

More information regarding the date and time of the interview TBA. For booking or press for Clent Eastwood, contact Bianca at

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About Clent Eastwood

Born in Kankakee, IL but raised in the streets of North Minneapolis, Clenton Trass aka Clent Eastwood has been writing rhymes and rapping since the age of fourteen. Running the streets as a teenager and following the wrong crowds, Clent ended up dropping out of highschool and began selling illegal drugs.

  After catching a criminal case and serving over four years in prison, Clenton decided to leave all his old ways in the past and use the experience as an opportunity to tell his story through music. In the beginning of 2011, Clenton decided to form his own independent rap label, Fifty Five Four Eleven Entertainment, named after the zip code of where he has spent most of his life. Currently signed to his label are two other rap artists, an R&B singer, and an in-house music producer.

Standing at 6 foot 4 and over 280 pounds, his genre of hardcore rap is equally as intimidating as he looks. However, although rough, his smooth delivery and ability to tell a story through clever metaphors and punchlines softens the blow and showcases what critics have expressed as undeniable talent.

About Next To Blow Radio
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