A Leader, C.E.O, Educator, Realist, and a True Friend; some people are just born with these rare elements. Meet Jason Brown, better known as MN Fats. More focused on educating and inspiring people on the lower soci-economic latter to go further, do better. He sees his self more as a rap philosopher; an avid book reader; Fats prefers titles where the authors force the reader to think. Books such as: “The Prince” by Machiavelli, “Souls of Black Folks” by W.E.B. Dubois, and “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene. With these habits it’s no wonder MN Fats; in 2003 started an independent record label WE ON Records.

WE ON Records released their first album “National Business” selling an astounding 14,000 copies! With the “WEON MIXTAPE Vol 1” as the follow up, pushing over 1,000 copies; “Baller Steet Journal” dropping in 2004, “Citiology” in 2005, “State Rehab” in 2006 and the E1 (formerly Koch Records) distributed album “Perfect Candidate” in 2007, reaching Billboard and scanning over 5,000 copies. In 2009 the label put out a memorable album to Fats dear friend and WE ON Records artist Famis The High Life Man; he was murdered in Jan of 2007. It’s an emotional topic for the Boss man, “He was my best friend, a real nigga, a good man. Nothing really seems the same, he was my right hand.”

Already a respected emcee, Fats took his time and learned the music industry inch by inch. Forever the solider and determined leader; Fats earned his college degree in 2006 in Music Business. Ever since then, he has knocked down door after door for the Midwest. He has worked with artists such as: Jim Jones, Johnny P, Cam’ron and DJ Drama. He currently recorded a new track “Lay You on the Bed” with the Doggfather himself; Snoop Dogg. With a Gangsta Grillz mixtape in the works and a currently untitled album for Sony due to drop in the fall of 2012, there is a lot for Fats to look forward to.

Even with the success and bright lights Fats has never forgotten where he comes from: “The difference between you and I is: struggle, I know everyone has struggled but this is America, land of the free. Although there is nothing free in my neighborhood I do not cry I preserve further to success. My background allows me to delegate ideas way beyond the average man, I’ve seen it all and done most of it still not knowing if early exposure ruined my upbringing, or made me less susceptible to making reoccurring mistakes of my elders. My mind state is that of a concrete solider; things that may bewilder the average person are typical to me. That makes me barbaric to some; to those that are familiar with the circumstances from which I come from, they label me one thing. A survivor.” Spoken like a true Philosopher.

Stage Name: MN FATS
Nickname: Sotaman, Sota
Location: Minneapolis, MN Hometown: West Side, Chicago, ILL
Occupation: CEO of WEON Records, Rap Artist
Education: Minnesota School of Business Alumni
Affiliations: Aphiliates, Snoop Dogg, The Game, Bishop Don Juan, Copy Cat
Media, E1 Entertainment
Rap Influences: Jay Z, Common, Kanye West, Famis, Jeezy, The Game, Common,
Dip Set, Snoop Dogg, L.A.D., Dogg Pound. UGK/Pimp C
Radio: “Rockstar Sh*t” ft. Jim Jones 2007, “Lay U on The Bed” ft. Snoop Dogg, “Can I Take U” ft. Keisha White
Mixtapes: WEON Mixtape (MN FATS and FAMIS)
Media Features: InBox Magazine, Alphasonik Car Audio (2010)
Business Affiliations: The Aphiliates (Drama, L.A.D, Willie The Kid), E1, CopyCat (C C), Best Buy, Jimmy Jazz, Target, Keisha White, Snoop Dogg, Youngest member of ‘The Chuuuch’ (Bishop Don Juan, Snoop Dogg), Jim Jones,
New Singles: “Lay You On The Bed” ft. Snoop Dogg, “100” ft. The Game
Award: Hustler of The Year in 2010 and 2011

Download MN Fats’ latest release “Lay You On The Bed” feat. Snoop Dog on iTunes:

Facebook: facebook.com/MNFATS
Twitter: twitter.com/sotafats

For booking, interviews, or features, contact Kelly Avent at (612) 919-7027 or mnfats.bookings@gmail.com.

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