FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Couple launch Urban Wellness Center in North Minneapolis, Open House series kickoff Feb. 1st, 3pm-7pm

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 21st Century Health: Robbins’ launch wellness haven
Couple blend holistic innovation with village principles

Minneapolis, MN- The Robbins Urban Wellness Center is set to open Wednesday February 1st 2012. Nestled in the cozy North Minneapolis neighborhood by Camden between Theodore Wirth Parkway and Penn Avenue, at 3900 Thomas Ave North, the center is primed to be a haven for health & wellness in the city.

Owned and operated by husband and wife duo, Dr. Juneau Robbins and Anika Robbins, the center is an expansion of the current Cultural Chiropractic clinic, owned by Dr. Robbins. In operation since 2001, the clinic has been in it’s current location at 2524 39th Avenue North since its 2005 move from the Plymouth Avenue mall, the current home of the University of Minnesota’s Urban Outreach Center. The quaint, country cottage facade of it’s current location, will now encompass the attached building recently vacated by Camden Homes Realty, which sits on the corner of 39th & Thomas Avenues North.

‘We are very excited by the opportunity to showcase products, services and a diverse range of wellness expertise with the community.” Says Anika Robbins, the center’s Lifestyle and Concierge Manager. “Our goal is to engage the community and present healthy living as a fun, stress-free lifestyle that’s good for you!” By presenting healthy living without the ‘clinical’ edge, Robbins hopes the social atmosphere will encourage more engagement and action around health issues impacting the community.

Anika Robbins owns ANIKA International Cosmetics, a skin care and cosmetics company she launched in 2005 to appeal to busy women on the go. She also operates a boutique agency, ANIKA & Friends, which consults on various projects within the health & beauty, corporate & non-profit sectors. The firm produces the Urban Maven Small Business Showcase, a mobile marketplace designed to promote emerging and home-based businesses, many of whom will be featured in the new Urban Lifestyle Store also housed in the center. With an infusion of unique products and gifts from around the world, including organic teas, spices, bath & body products and then some, the center hopes to be a haven for cultural exchange and enterprise.

In response to the surge in small business start-ups due to the economic downturn, the Robbins Urban Wellness Center also functions as a small business incubator for emerging businesses, particularly those in the health & wellness industry. Rooms are available for private consultations, group meetings and community gatherings, allowing entrepreneurs to design their usage, ‘a la carte’-style, based on their budget and need.

“Having been a home-based business owner myself for many years, I understand the unique challenges in trying to build a sustainable brand with a professional image,” Says Robbins. “The Center provides a warm, yet professional setting for budding entrepreneurs to hold client meetings, presentations and perform services. It’s perfect for attorneys, consultants, massage therapists, makeup artists, life coaches, mental health & wellness professionals and others.”

With the trust and respect of the community for well over 15 years of service, Dr. Robbins will continue to treat chiropractic patients under Cultural Chiropractic which now anchors the expanded wellness component to offer a diverse range of health & wellness options to the community.

‘This has been a goal of ours for many years,’says Dr. Robbins. “When the opportunity presented itself, we seized the chance to finally blend our vision for a total health & wellness center that is accessible to the community. We are committed and we are ready!”

The center will have a soft launch Wednesday February 1st from 3pm-7pm with an open house held every Wednesday from 3pm-7pm. Guests will be able to tour the premises, sip tea and experience some of the product and service offerings. The Retreat is open Monday through Friday from 10am-6pm. All professional services and weekends are available by appointment. The community is welcome. For more information call 612.522.9536 or 612.670.6355.

One thought on “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Couple launch Urban Wellness Center in North Minneapolis, Open House series kickoff Feb. 1st, 3pm-7pm

  1. Congratulations on your new Center! It sound wonderful. Sorry I couldn’t make the open house today. I look forward to checking you all out soon.

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