FEATURED CLIENT: DJ Averi Minor “Mr. Mixshow” [DJ & Hosting Services] – Chicago, IL

Just added to our pr and talent client list is DJ Averi Minor aka “Mr. Mixshow.”

For bookings, hosting, interviews, etc. email info@themaxxposuregroup.com.

Never one to pass up an opportunity to leave a lasting impression, Averi Minor’s passion in his field can only be compared to that of a man with unlimited ambitions. As a professional DJ, he has been an active participant in numerous activities in the entertainment community in Chicago and beyond. As a testament to his acquired knowledge in the business, he started various entertainment brands such as a venture in 2005 called SCMG (Spin Club Media Group), which is a company he used to facilitate aspiring musicians, artists, DJs, radio staff and marketing/promotions specialists.

During that period is where he acquired his love for radio and was given the opportunity to take his skills on-air as a mixshow DJ for Power 92 (Peoria, IL). Later within that same year, he was given the opportunity to participate as a personality on 88.9FM WIIT in Chicago, creating a mixshow for his brand titled Spin Club Radio. From there he held mixshow positions at other various radio stations such as
V100 WVIB 100.1FM (Grand Rapids, MI), KBOL 100.1FM (Waterloo, IA) and Backspin 43 (Sirius Radio). He currently holds mixshow positions with Shade 45 Sirius/XM for The Core DJ Radio Show, guest spot on WPWX Power 92 (Chicago) Coast 94.7FM in Wilmington, NC & his own on-air show “The AveCity Show” on http://www.MIX1620.com. To his credit, beyond radio, DJ Averi Minor has served as “Tour DJ” for Grammy-Award-winning songstress, Syleena Johnson and is currently the official DJ for up-and-coming artist,
Dave Pracyse. Minor has also participated in groundbreaking events such as Vibe Magazine–sponsored “Sneaker Pimps” tour in Chicago, “Miami Pool Party Concert” with Digiwaxxx Media, Zune’s “Live @ The BBQ Concert” w/ Mos Def, as well as serving as opening DJ for Snoop Dogg and Lil Wayne at Chicago’s “House Of Blues.”

With his clever choice in blends techniques are what keeps him motivated to keep listeners ears ringing and the masses begging for more. In recent years, Averi’s potential to be a major influence in the DJ field was recognized by the founder & brainchild of one of the most influential organizations for DJs to date, Tony Neal, head of The Core DJs Worldwide and was invited to Core as a part of it’s on-going
search for elite DJs across the globe. Averi contends that his style stands alone and will be entertaining audiences for a long time. One thing feels is certain, his love for the art of Djing is unmatched.

Official Website: http://www.avecitydistrict.com/
“The Ave City Show” – http://www.MIX1620.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DJAVERIMINOR
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/DJAVERIMINOR

CLICK HERE to view and download Media Kit

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