NEW MUSIC RELEASE: 4SEEN Magazine & Big Ten Entertainment present “Sound of the City IV” Mixtape

4Seen Magazine and Big Ten Entertainment present the “Sound of the City IV” mixtape featuring a handful of noteworthy Twin Cities-based hip hop artists: Mac Irv, Fly Henderson, Rocky Diamonds, CeeWhy, Mally, MetaSota, Tek, Mike the Martyr, Chuck Wooley, Jesse James, Aleis, That Guy Soda, Mod Sun, Mr. Maeham and K-Nine. Prior releases from 4Seen Magazine have included other independent artists such as Mike Page, Greg Grease, Muja Messiah and many more.

Through the promotion and marketing of these mixtape releases, 4Seen Magazine’s goal is to help artists increase visibility, build a loyal fan base, and add to the growing music scene in the Twin Cities. The release of the Sound of the City IV mixtape is to be entirely digital and free of charge.

The mixtape can be downloaded at

For more information, contact George Shannon at

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