WANTED: TheTCONetwork.com is looking for Bloggers, Interviewers, Internet Promoters, and Photographers

TheTCONetwork.com is seeking motivated, outgoing, and reliable individuals interested in music, fashion, and events.

WANTED: Bloggers, Interviewers, Internet Promoters, and Photographers

Requirements for these volunteer positions are:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Must live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul and surrounding areas and have knowledge of the Twin Cities entertainment scene.
  • Own or have access to transportation
  • Own or have access to a computer
  • Have good phone skills and are comfortable with talking on the phone to new people.
  • Not shy when it comes to street marketing and promotions (handing out fliers, hanging posters, etc.)
  • Have a Facebook and Twitter page

  • These are unpaid positions, HOWEVER, all volunteers will/can receive:

  • TCONetwork T-Shirt
  • Promo product from our clients such as CD’s, merchandise, products, movie passes, etc.
  • Access to various concerts and events (18 plus, 21 plus)
  • Experience in marketing and promotions
  • Chance for advancement
  • This is a GREAT learning experience for anyone looking to get involved with marketing, PR, entertainment and fashion.

    If interested, email admin@thetconetwork.com.

    Website Link: www.thetconetwork.com

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