MARKETING TIP: Offer Consumers a Quick Response with QR Codes

I’m sure you’ve seen these images popping up on social networks and various promotional materials, but had no clue what they were or what purpose they serve. Captions like “scan me” or “get connected” would be attached, however there would be no instruction or explanation how to.

Well, I did some research and found out that little “scan me” image is called a QR Code or Quick Response Code. The purpose of these codes is to deliver information quickly and easily with the use of smartphone applications. (I use QR Code Scanner Pro – Free for Blackberry) Once the application is downloaded, you are then able to take a picture of or “scan” the bar-code to retrieve the information and store into its database.

Cool right? Definitely. Especially for us small business owners. If you are anything like me, you are always looking for new ways to market your business or product to a broader audience. After reading about how popular it is globally in places such as the UK and Japan and the various ways it can be used to promote, it was a no-brainer that I too needed to jump on the bandwagon.

So here is how you would go about creating one for yourself:

Log on to a website like Kaywa or and enter content of your choice; for example a website, contact information, or a unique promotion and click “generate code.” Once that is complete, you’re done. That simple. You now have created a free two-dimensional scan-able code that can be printed on business cards, uploaded to social network accounts, and/or embedded into websites and blogs.

Here are a few articles I found helpful in my research:

What Can Quick Response Codes Do For You?

13 Creative Ways to Use QR Codes for Marketing

What Is A QR Code And Why Do You Need One?

Roundup: QR Code Tools

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