WANTED: Volunteers and Donations Needed for “Northside Kids Day: After the Storm, the beat goes on.”

‘After the Storm, the Beat Goes On’ is an event that will bring joy and normalcy back to the lives of the children impacted by the 5/22/11 tornado by providing a day of smiles, laughter, activities, food, and FUN!! This event will be held on Saturday, July 16, 2011 12-2pm at North Commons Park (1801 James Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55411).

Donations and volunteers are needed to make this event successful. I have listed donation and volunteer needs below. If you are able to make a donation, volunteer at the event, would like to sponsor one of the activities, or have ANY questions, please let Jessica Aune know. She can be reached at jessica.aune@co.hennepin.mn.us or 612-396-2590.

Donations and Volunteers Needed

Many volunteers are needed to work at the event on June 16, 2011. Shifts will be between 9:30 – 4pm (which includes set-up and clean-up). The event is planned for 12-2pm, but may extend past 2pm. Please let me know your available time.

Additional specialists needed to volunteer their time:
· Henna Tattoo Artist
· Masseuse
· Clowns
· Photographer
· Nails By…. (requires nail polish and volunteers to paint kids nails)

Food Needed:
· The Best Process to give donations for food is by providing a gift certificate to Cub Foods or Rainbow, or to present cash that can be used to purchase the meat and other food for the BBQ.

Supplies Needed:
· Arts & Crafts supplies (crayons, colored paper, glitter, paint, glue, scissors, etc)
· Aluminum Trays (for food)
· Aluminum Foil (for food)
· Face Paints
· Raffle Tickets
· Trashbags
· Paper Good (plates, napkins, forks, cups)
· Balloons
· Bubble Yum Bubble Gum
· Hula Hoops
· Jump Ropes
· Snacks/Cakes for Junk Food Walk (any kind of snacks can be donated)
· Pop/Juice for Pop Juice Walk (2-liters, 10-packs, etc.)
· Hair paints and glitters (For Wacky Hair)
· Toys to be given as prizes and/or raffled off
· Cash Donations can be given and will be used to purchase necessary food and supplies that are not donated prior to the event.
· Gift Certificates to be given as prizes and raffled off (some suggestions listed below)
o AppleBees
o MiMi Nails
o Target
o Walmart
o TMJ Nails
o Cub Foods
o Stores at Mall of America
o Valley Fair
o Bus Cards
o MOA (Water park, Nickelodeon Universe, Underwater World)
o State Fair
o Sports Events (Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves)

Sponsors needed for the following activities:
· Arts and Crafts Booth (Michaels, WalMart)
· Information Booth Resource flyers (City of Minneapolis)
· Dunk Tank ($140) – we have volunteers that will sit in the tank
· Fun House ($200) http://www.funjumpsent.com/slide-combos.htm
· Moon Walk/Jumper ($150) http://www.funjumpsent.com/slide-combos.htm
· Obstacle Course ($300) http://www.funjumpsent.com/slide-combos.htm
· Carinval Games ($400) http://www.midwaypartyrental.com/products.asp?PageID=3231&List=3#fund_raisers_carnivals


An communitywide, culturally diverse event that will leave a lasting memory of fun, smiles, cheer, and togetherness
Replace the negative stereotype associated with North Minneapolis with a positive one of a united community that cares for each other
Build trust within the community
Participation from residents, local businesses, government agencies, churches, and non profit organizations
Provide information and resources to the residents
Positive publicity for North Minneapolis
Collect donations (School Supplies and Winter Coats) to be distributed to kids at an event on August 27, 2011. (We will be collecting school supplies and winter coats prior to and at the Kids Day event that will be donated to children in Minneapolis.)

***FYI: Donations for children ages 0-3 are still needed for those impacted by the tornado; especially: strollers, car seats, baby food, teething biscuits, pacifiers, bottles, diapers, wipes, high chairs, Sippy cups, etc. These donations can be provided to the Shiloh Temple, Prayer Center, or you can contact me and I can arrange to pick them up and drop them off at one of the locations.

Jessica Aune

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