PRESS RELEASE: Singer Tiffany Carter is Ready For the World!

For Immediate Release:

“Coming from the same stomping grounds as Prince leads to some high expectations, but you can rest assure Tiffany Carter is living up to them.” – Josh Mock of Ghettoblaster Magazine

(Minneapolis, MN) One thing the music industry never fails at doing, is providing the world something to listen to, even if it’s at a high cost to our eardrums?

Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, NEO-SOUL… A genre doesn’t make the artist, nor should packaging insinuate that the music will be worth the investment. Because of this often times it seems as if we’re being spoon-fed from a bowl remit real substance or talent.

But if you’re still looking for rivaled expectations; music that transcends the moment and brings a smile back to your eardrums, you have a friend in NEO-SOUL singer Tiffany Carter. She’s the voice, the lesson, and theory that reminds us that real music still exists to pleasure all of our avenues of recess.

Approaching the world with a mature sound, and poetic appetite for rhythm, sweet melodies, and grazing harmonies, comes singer/songwriter Tiffany Carter, whose gift imparts a celebration of reasons to reacquaint oneself with Soul Music.

Hailing from St. Paul, MN, but with a global reach and a songbook that transcends her physical boundaries, she is equipped to take the lead, as long as our ears are ready to be led in a new and enterprising direction.

With her songs “Happy,” and “Loving You,” off of her album “Mama’s Baby,” already in rotation on the FM and online circuit, and write ups in such publications as Ghettoblaster Magazine, Hype Magazine, on down to radio spotlights on E-Zee Access Radio, she’s poised to reinvent the musical game, but it’s time for all of us to suit up and get on the players field with a real Soul Songstress.

Tiffany Carter is available for interviews, music reviews, and write ups, and would love nothing more than to impart upon you her gift of vocal eloquence and unbridled talent.

For music, photos, bio, or to purchase a CD visit

For more Information or to Schedule an Interview please contact:

Alaina L. Lewis at, (612)385-5202.


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